Saturday, August 30, 2008

No pressure!

Had to take my dad's blood pressure. It's been a while since I used a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer...I had to learn how to use it when I was taking the fitness instructor course, and purchased a set as well.I am glad I can remember how to use it! Hurrah!

The Heat Is On!

Was so bummed out, I fell asleep on my sofa and was there the whole night! Was up at about 5am but felt totally, totally lazy to get up. Felt quite reluctant and lazy to run this morning, but I finally jumped up and got ready at 6.10am. Felt quite tired and not exactly energetic.

Started my run at 6.45am...there was one other man who ran, but I think he did 10km as I didnt see him past 10km mark. Seemed like a pretty warm day as my body was already burning by 3km. Alas, at 7th km the sun was up and against my back. Very very hot! I felt quite awful today, felt tired by 3rd km and didnt feel wonderful after completing 10km. Even after i hydrated myself with 100+ and refueled with Power Gel, my body was quite exhausted. My body was so low on fuel that the Power Gel tasted so good, and my body just quickly absorbed the sodium. Today I was accompanied by 80s, contemporary chart and Christian songs.

By the 15th km I had depleted all my water and was quite dehydrated. Walked for a few meters before resuming my run.The sun was already in my face and even my photochromatic lenses went very dark. It was just unbelievably hot.On the way back I saw many DBKL workers mowing the grass preparing for Merdeka Day.

Finally completed my run, in a surprisingly shorter time than last week although I felt worse than last week!I guess it was hotter this time round and also when I did my first 20km last week I had less expectations - having completed 20km last week I would of course expect to complete it this time too.

When I got home guess what? The sun decided to hide itself behind the clouds! Bah!But I guess I do have to get used to the heat as well, since Singapore is pretty hot..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pounds Away!!

Had only 3.5 hours of sleep before I hit the gym this morning. Did a light workout today, with interval training (walk/run) for half hour and another half hour on elliptical machine. Also did chest exercises today.

There's this lady in my gym who used to be really HUGE, but has lost A LOT of weight since. She is about half her original size now and even runs on the treadmill. She doesn't hire any personal trainer, she just attends a number of classes. She works out really hard, and she's the only one in the gym who has shown significant improvement. Anyway, she approached me today and said "I've been watching you. You've lost a lot of weight"

I went(accompanied with rolling of eyes), "Look who's lost more weight"!

She replied," Yes I have lost weight but i have a lot of stubborn fat. I see you had a lot of stubborn fat but have lost it so I feel encouraged that I can also lose my stubborn fat"

O K ......

Seems like a lot of people like to talk about my fat: the aunty with the tongkat who goes for morning walk and the gym people..I'm glad I can give people something to do.

Well I have lost about 3kg...but I'm still in "danger zone" and classified as obese using the Body Mass index.

Ideally another 3kg to go..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

6.2km Today

Everybody else was so bummed out after last night's dinner, there were only 2 of us running.Had too much wine last night, I was totally groggy when I went to bed, but thank goodness I woke up feeling normal. Was up at around 5am, could hear that it started raining...strangely I didn't have the desire to sleep in but got out of bed at about 6.30am.BY the time I got out of the house the rain had stopped, and the weather was perfect for running.

Did 6.2km, started from the bottom of the hill. Felt pretty strong and steady today, even going uphill. I wonder if it's because of the 20km I did last week or the energy from the cheese I had last night.

Nearly got chased by a pooch today! It was a little furry dog, mixed breed I think. It was unleashed, and when I ran past the owner she said "oh be careful of my dog, he doesnt like people running"

Honestly these dog owners should put their dogs on leash if they know that they cant be controlled.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post Olympic Inspiration

Caught this on ESPN this morning - Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Such clever dogs! And such agility! Now that Olympics is over, I could turn to these pooches for inspiration!

Did 3.5km on the treadmill as I watched this, then 30 min on elliptical machine followed by leg exercises which I missed on Monday, and back exercises as usual on Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running Attire

I'm back to normal physical condition. Did a 5.5km this morning, and felt pretty strong. Must have been because I rested yesterday. It's great that the weather was cool, and running uphill didn't seem to difficult today.Pain in bunion completely gone.

I need to start shopping for new running attire - my running shorts are getting old and loose, they keep sliding down after a while, whereas my running tights are loose and keep riding up!

Also need to get a new top for the race - I usually like to wear something different everytime so that I can identify the different years that I did the run...and I usually do not use the standard race shirts or ones from other races because they are dime a dozen.

Well, if I can't run very well at least I can look good right? :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Delayed Reaction

Woke up with a slightly inflamed left knee...sigh, felt perfect on Saturday and Sunday, didn't do anything strenuous either...had to skip gym alltogether today.

I think I got the sore knee from watching the marathon...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Flame Burns On

The Olympics torch may have been extinguished, but the inspiration burns on.Traditionally always the last event of the Olympics,it ended with yet another record breaker - a new Olympics record of 2:06:32 by Kenya's Samuel Wansiru.Even the silver medalist, Gharib from Morocco also broke the previous record with a timing of 2:07:16.

The men's marathon was a lot more intense than the women's, as usual they ran at a much more intense speed, and not to mention it was under the scorching heat. There were several great moments during the run: when Wansiru suddenly surged forward and broke away from the leading pack, when Kebede from Ethiopia sprinted ahead of his compatriot Merga to claim the bronze medal, and when former Olympic gold medalist Baldini from Italy finished in 12th place despite being in 50-something position at one point and having injury.

As soon as Wansiru crossed the finishing line, the first thing he did was fall down on his knees and pray, then he did the sign of the cross.What a feeling!

Oh ya. Strangest thing happened...the pain from my bunion has completely gone after the 20km run! Maybe I need to run more!

Songs for Running

There are some songs which have really great tunes for running, but the lyrics are less inspiring!

"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake

And here I go again on my own
Goin down the only road Ive ever known,
Like a hobo* I was born to walk alone
And Ive made up my mind
I aint wasting no more time

"Run" - Collective Soul

Have I got a long way to run
Have I got a long way to run
Yeah, I run

But I still love these tunes and would listen to them when running!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let the Run Begin!

Where Olympics end, I begin. Embarked on my first long distance run today...I completed 20km! Hurrah! After an absence from long distance training it wasn't too bad.WOke up at about 6.10am..decided I didnt want to run too early since it was another lone ranger run and i didn't want to run in the dark.By the time I packed the water bottles for my running belt, get the power gel and prepare the change of clothes, it was about 6.30am already.

Went to Bukit Aman...was relieved to see other runners, and slow ones too! Started my run at about 6.45am, after warm up. Managed to overtake some runners, there was a girl whose running belt kept coming off. I'm so glad my running belt stayed on for the whole run and didnt come off like it did for the Great Eastern run. My belt looks like it's deteriorating..first of all it's loose (always has been) and I have to fold fold the belt before i stick on the velcro. Secondly, I think all the sweat got into the zipper and it got rusted.Cant zip it!But I really do like this's an Adidas one and the bottles are quite slim and there's 4 of them so the weight is evenly distributed around the waist compared the the Nike one which has 3 chunky bottles.

By the time I hit about 4km, it rained on my parade!! I thought oh no, it's gonna pour and it will be hard for me to see as I was wearing my glasses (with Transitions lenses) and not contact lenses.BUt good thing it jsut rained lightly for a while, and then it subsided. BY the time I hit about 8km My legs were beginning to fatigue, and i thought, i;m not even halfway through the run. But thanks to some inspiring music I managed to push on. I don't normally use an MP3 player when I'm running, because you dont get bored when you're with friends, but when you're on your own it gets a bit boring. Fueled myself with 100 plus and Power gel (i love the raspberry one!) at 10km I felt so refreshed.Continued my run, but alas, the MP3 battery died at 11th km. Good thing I am quite used to running without music so it was allright.

At 18th km, as I was struggling uphill, I saw some cyclists going downhill. I had to of course,maintain good posture and make myself look like it was just a breeze! But honestly, although my legs felt like jello at the end, it wasn't that bad.

And now, after the run I am craving for prawn mee!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lone Ranger Run

Everybody was away so I had to run alone today. And bunion felt close to normal this morning. Hurrah! It was definitely the old shoes that caused it..Four days using my Asics and it feels a lot better. Haven't used much of my new orthotics though - maybe I will used them tomorrow since I won't be running. Did an extra 0.5km today....just that little bit uphill was enough to kill me.

Oh and I signed up for the Mizuno run....absolutely love the shirt! Even Ragu signed up before I did!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the Road to Singapore...hopefully

Wah! There was actually fresh new fluffy towels at Celebrity Fitness. Although judging from the stack of towels they had, I am not sure if it would sustain them past 10am..unless they bring in fresh new laundered towels.

Bunion feels a lot better today..although left foot felt a bit stiff when I got out of bed, however when I started running it began to feel better.Did 3.5km on the treadmill...I think I am kinda inspired now from the Olympics...not just from watching the marathon and athletics, but ESPN has also been showing a series of triathlons and Ironman competitions.On Monday they showed the Specs Savers Ironman South Sfrica competition..there was a blind man competing, with someone guiding him of course..can you imagine swimming when you're blind? I cant even swim a straight line with my eyes open!

I am so behind in my training schedule, i really have to do something about it this weekend. I really pray my foot will be able to endure all that thumping...Also did back exercises today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking it Easy

Woke up feeling rather tired, tempted to skip my outdoor run but decided that I needed it(I'm the Queen of Stubbornness) Left bunion not feeling on top of the world, but I took it easy. The pain seemed to have eased off by going slow, however the surrounding area felt a bit sore but not painful. Did a slow 5.5km run, and only in the last 1km I picked up (a little ) pace. Heart felt in good condition but just a little hampered by the foot.

After the run my left foot felt much better, although a little sore on the top of my foot. Soaked my foot in warm water with a few drops of lavender oil and massaged it with Voltaren after that.

Hope the soreness subsides by tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blistering Bunion!

Changed to my Asics runners today..sigh the pain is still there, however it's not sesamoiditis. It's my bunion acting up again. SOmetimes I just feel like having it sawn off...It's really painful and I was suffering after 3km. On Voltaren now.

And I havent even started my marathon training. Sigh.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sesamoid Street

I think I've got sesamoiditis on my left toe.It hurts after running a while, and if I push on, I start to get shin splints.

Well I hope that by changing to my new Asics tomorrow the pain will be alleviated. My Hurricane 7 HAS seen better times.

Motivated or Discouraged?

There. I've finished watching the women's marathon. I am not so sure if I feel motivated or discouraged now!! I am just so amazed how Tomescu Dita maintained her lead for half the race without looking too tired! She was in top form, didn't show any signs of major fatigue while the runners in the chase group were already looking so tired. Initially they focused so much on Tosa (Japan) and I could feel her pain. I probably look like that at 5km mark!

I think the marathon seems more daunting now than when I first did it. Maybe it's fears of not being able to beat my previous time. Rightfully runners should run each race as its own and not compare with other races, as weather conditions and other factors could be different (eg form may not be the same etc)I seriously doubt if i can run any faster than my previous....what more I haven't been training.

ALso, I've noticed that the best runners are in their mid 30s! oh woe, what is happening to me? ONly seem to be going downhill!

Tomescu Dita finished in 2:26:44, which is like my half marathon time! But I am really glad that Ndereba came in 2nd at 2:27:06 and very very happy that China's Zhu came in 3rd although I would have liked her to be in second place. Paula Radcliffe struggled in the last few kms with some cramps, but I am glad that she finished her race regardless, unlike the last Olympics.

My friend reminded me though, that I should look at Paula's feat for inspiration, that she completed the race although in a poor position - and that is what marks a true competitor, not just a runner.

I need more inspiration!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodbye Hurricane 7

Ah! Beautiful morning! Got up at about 6.45am and went for a run at the beach. It was nice and quiet, nobody on the beach except God, me and the quiet sea breeze.As I ran further down there were many large hermit crabs scurrying. I'll bet I was like Gojira to them (Godzilla - i've always preferred using the Japanese name as I think it is much cuter!) I was desperately trying to catch some snapshots of them, but I guess that hermit (as the name suggests - DUH!) crabs and I are quite the same - we flee when we see people!Everytime they felt my thunderous footsteps they would either retreat back into their hole or into the sea.

It was hard to see the sunrise as it was a pretty cloudy day.I ran no more than 2km before my shoes fell apart!The outer sole of my Saucony Hurricane 7 came off.Oh my faithful Hurricane 7! This is the same model that took me through my last marathon.Guess I will have to say goodbye now..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exercise on holiday

Am at Kuantan Swiss Garden hotel. It's a lovely place! Lovely beach. Was planning a beach run this morning - nice firm sand - alas, it rained so heavily this morning. Decided to go to the gym instead. Not bad, it's a decent sized gym. Most hotels just have 1 cardio machine and 1 multi station but this one had 2 bicycles, 1 stepper, 1 treadmill, Lat machine, Leg extension, Leg curl, bench press, shoulder press, rowing machine, chest press. It's managed by Sports Lab though.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marathon Schedule

THought I was late in my training schedule. BUt when I worked out the schedule, I think I can still make it on time for the an ok pace(well I think so)

Aug 16 15km
Aug 23 15km
Aug 30 20km
Sep 6 20km
Sep 13 20km
Sep 20 24km
Sep 27 24km
Oct 4 28km
Oct 11 28km
Oct 18 30km
Oct 25 30km
Nov 1 32km
Nov 8 35km
Nov 15 20km
Nov 22 15km
Nov 29 10km
DEC 7 BIG DAY - 42.195km

Keeping my fingers crossed. Desperately need motivation. Sigh.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Dates to remember

need to mark out these dates for athletics at the Olympics:

Aug 15-24 2008

Marathon women: August 17 (Sun 7.30am)
Marathon men: August 24 (Sun 7.30am)

Penang Bridge run has just been reinstated on the Nov 16 2008.Alas, it wont be this year for me - too close to Singapore marathon!

Celebrity Fitness SUCKS

I've said this before and I'll say it again:


Big time.

Ok this is a bit delayed - it happened on Wednesday but I thought I needed to blog about it since Celebrity Fitness really sucks. ON Wednesday, after my workout they had no more towels! At 8am in the morning! What kind of a gym is that? At least Fitness First doesnt provide towels, but Celebrity provides towels and they ran out at 8am in the morning??? Mind you this is the second time it's happened. Good thing I stay near the gym. I mean, what if I lived in Shah Alam and worked in Bangsar?? I'd have to drive ALL THE WAY home to shower and back to work again.

So later I decided to call the manager. Guess what? The manager wasn't in. Take a guess why. He had to go to 1 Utama Celebrity to collect the towels!! *slap forehead* Is that dumb or what. Totally unacceptable. NOt only that but since I joined the gym early last year, it has been at least 7-8 occassions where they gym opened only at 7am when it was supposed to open at 6am. Die hard gym members like me had to wait 45 mins to an hour for the stupid gym to open.

They should call it Cameo Fitness, coz we definitely are not treated like celebrities.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Losing It

Good thing the haze wasn't so bad this morning. But I am really losing it - can't seem to keep up with my runs these days. Even Ragu is running faster than me. Been feeling a bit weak and have to go at a real slow pace. Even doing a 5.5km run this morning I was having difficulty. Could not keep up with Ragu. And I haven't even done am i going to fare for a marathon?

What's happening to me? Is age really taking a toll on me?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Samson hair

Not only did I lose weight fmo the haircut but I also lost my strength. My long hair must have had some kind of Samson effect - I felt terribly weak this morning, and was so tired after a 7km run.

I'm just being dramatic..actually I was just feeling anaemic.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Weight Loss from haircut!

While I was getting my haircut yesterday, I browsed through some Hello magazines. Found out that Ronan Keating completed the London Marathon in 3:59!! Gordon Ramsay also ran the marathon, but there was no mention of his race time. Must have been bad! I can just imagine him cussing and swearing through the run...

Anyway, stepped on the weighing scale today and voila! I'd lost 0.5kg fom the haircut. Wonder if I can improve my speed with short hair? :D

Did an interval walk/ run on the treadmill for 30 mins and another 30 mins on elliptical machine.

I've lost some strength I think - could not do bench press with the bar! It's been ages. Anyway now gotta work harder, with the marathon coming , and also with my short hair. Huh?!? Well, with short hair my shoulders are more obvious, so any small weight gain is noticeable with all that hair gone. So I've to make sure I've got toned upper body!