Saturday, February 16, 2008


No the scream's not from the 20km run. Yes! I did it! I did a 20km run with Peck Yah today..nearly wanted to bail out as I've been getting cold feet from lack of training and physical lethargy. We ran at a leisurely pace, and it turned out to be very enjoyable. I guess most of the time i find it intimidating to run with other people, as i am slow and it's difficult to find people as slow as me. Running with Peck Yah's really fun because it takes the pressure away as we can pace each other. After 10km we still felt pretty good, and by the time we finished the 20, we were tired but not exhausted.

Actually the 20km didn't kill me. But the chafing did. By the time I hit about 16km, I could feel that stinging sore feeling between my thighs (that's what you get for having big thighs) and on my lower back where the elastics of the running tights are) It was extremely painful!! So painful that it hurt even more than the run itself! Taking a shower was like being in a torture chamber.

I must remember to put on Vaseline next time (actually i remembered but I was so lazy to I guess I deserved it).Also must shop for new running tights which are longer as i only have 1 pair which I use for long distance running.Oh yea, and also need to buy new sportsbras as I;m using the same ones for the last 10 years!

I've also signed up for KLIM....FULL.....

Point of no return...

Here are some tips from prevention of chafing taken fom "Time to Run"

You running along not a care in the world, so you think. A little later into the run and 'boy oh boy' you have a chafe and is it not irritating. The irritation you can cope with but now it has lead to an open wound and it is bleeding. People around are you ready to call in the paramedics, a helicopter is being radioed for. BUT .. before going to all that trouble lets discuss the problem and in so doing try to avoid the look of alarm when you cross the line with blood oozing from the chaffed areas. Yes, this can be a sensitive subject.

How is it caused : They say the major contribution to chafing is from sweating and rubbing. Many of us consider that chafing is a signal that it is time to lose weight, however even the skinniest eprsons can experience the same problem. Chafing generally takes place around the groin, underarms and nipples, but it can occur anywhere.

Prevention: Prevention of chafing falls into four categories: try to stay dry, keep hydrated, using a lubricant and wear the proper clothing. Lubrication before walking with petroleum jelly or an anti-chafing product such as Body Glide or Runner's Lube.

Try to stay dry: Go light on the deodorant roll-on as this can lead to a stickier situation. Use talcum powder, cornstarch or potato starch to stay dry, if absolutely necessary. If all else fails consider using a lubricant.

Hydration: Always drink lots of water during the day, keep hydrated during training and make sure you drink sufficient after exercise. This will assist you in perspiring freely so that the remanants don't dry into salt crystals which will make the possibility of chafing higher.

Lubrication: While exercising all kinds of lubricants are used to keep the skin areas sliding past each other instead of rubbing raw. Petroleum jelly, bag balm and udder cream are the longtime favourites. Make sure the lubricants are petroleum-free and non-staining. They can also be used on your feet and toes, in attempt to avoid blisters.

Clothing: Loose clothes may feel good on the trail, but to prevent chafing you need a snug fit. Bike shorts are designed to give a skin tight fit that will prevent chafing and are excellent if your trouble is in the lower body or thigh area. For the upper body, polypropylene or lycra tops that fit skin tight will do the trick. Also avoid wearing new clothes on a long run, during a hard session [ where the intensity is higher ] or race.

Treatment: Once you are chafed, treat the area like an open wound. Wash and clean with antiseptic to prevent infection and cover with a sterile gauze pad that allows the area to breathe until it is healed.

The worst chafe is the nipple area: There is nothing worse than trying to recover from chaffed nipples, as they stay tender for long after and the chance of them bleeding reoccurring is high. This affects both men and women.

Prevention: As above concentrate on using antichafing lubrication. Use fabrics that can deliver moisture from the skin to the outer layer .. the key word being 'sweat-wicking'. It is advisable for women to wear sweat-wicking sports bras. And if necessary wear plaster over nipples during your exercise.

All this may seem slightly 'over the top', but you will understand if you ever become a member of the CNS - the 'chafed nipple society', they can be seen wearing their distingushed badge of red on their tops.

Take heed and avoid the chafing dilemma.

source Time-to-Run - adapted from various articles

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Outdoor Run

The alarm rang at 6am but refused to get up until 6.45am! It was still dark at about 7am..only started running at about 7.15am. Chilly morning.

Had very little to eat last night, but the fact that I wasn't low on energy shows how much food i consumed and reserves I've accumulated over Chinese New Year!Scary. Did the usual 6.6km circuit. Felt quite perky in the first round. As usual I always have a headstart infront of the guys, but they eventually caught up with me in the 3rd round. Good thing I managed to narrow the gap to about 6 meters apart at the end.

Felt quite good after the run and had my usual dose of Starbucks coffee. I think sometimes a combination of running and caffeine isn't a good idea. I was so hyper today that my memory failed me and even forgot the password to the alarm.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Reality Bites


It's back to reality. No more sleep-ins. Back to my regimented life. No more waking up at 9-10am. Back to gruelling RPM. What luxury I've had for the past week!

Was up at 5.45am this morning. Nearly wanted to skip gym, but after those countless peanut cookies and arrowroot chips, I had to drag myself out of bed. I should learn to get out of bed like CJ7, just bounce up.

Back to the clapper. Ran on the treadmill for 30 mins, followed by 20 min on elliptical trainer.

It's lats day again. Only managed 3 lats exercises today:
*Lat pulldown
*Bent over row
*Seated row

Only managed 50 crunches on the fitball today. No plank.

Then went for RPM. Did mostly speedwork today. Thank goodness. Think I would have died climbing hills today.

Contacted Peck Yah this morning....we have to start training for KL INternational Marathon this weekend.


Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm on a 10 day exercise sabbatical. Due to Chinese new year, I've been eating twice or thrice as much but not exercising at all. Been waking up late for the last 3 days...what a luxury it is not having to rush anywhere and just spend my time with family and close friends. Wish I could do this every day of my life! Been having more than 8 hours of sleep daily..usually if I oversleep I feel tired and lethargic but for some strange reason, I feel really rested for the last 3 days. I think not rushing around also helps, not having to feel stressed etc.

This is my only long break for the year where I get to chill out and relax...Holidays with travels don't count as you come back needing more rest!

I feel so rested and recharged. This is my "refuelling" for the year... am I going to be able to last a whole year just from 3 days of rest? I pray and hope so.

I don't think I've watched so much tv (by my standards that is) in my life. I get to watch at least one movie a day if I'm not out..which I rarely get to do on a normal working day. So far the movies I have seen are:

  • Brokeback Mountain (I know, I know, it's old, only watching it after Heath kicked the bucket)
  • Wait "Til you're Older (Andy Lau movie - really sad ending)
  • Rob-B-Hood
  • CJ7
  • Happily Never After (animated cartoon)

I've also never watched so many Chinese variety shows in my life. Been catching David Tao and Lee Hom in concert. Realised I've been losing my "Ah Lianness" from listening to Hoobastank and Creed while I am getting physically recharged, I may as well recharge my Ah Lianness.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Change again

Ok, I've had to change blog skin again. The previous one (Thisaway) had inverted crosses on it! Had to choose something else more boring..

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nu Skin

I've decided to change my blog skin again....this is the 4th time I'm changing the layout. Well, since my blog is as good as dormant, i'd better do something to it...