Saturday, September 27, 2008


After my hiatus last week, I decided to be a heroine and do 24km today. I'm all sore and tired now...

Started my run about 6.20am. Saw a group of about 15 runners, but it was all guys. I didn't see anyone familiar. It ended up a solitary run again for me, my friends ditched me and did 12km instead. They have finally registered themselves for the full marathon in Singapore, but i don't know when they will start doing at least a 20km.

I seem to be losing things when I'm running! It's all due to my deteriorating Adidas running I lost a broken watch. No love lost as it was a cheap watch, and the strap was broken, but now I am forced to buy a new watch. I tried to stuff my car keys and watch into one of the water bottle compartments, but I guess it must have bounced off when I was running. I'd decided to hold my carkeys in my hand - I would not want to lose that!

My first song on the mp3 was "Agnus Dei" - perfect to start a run with a song of praise.After about 5km, I realised that I still had stamina, but my thighs were feeling fatigue! I think it was due to the 10 min sprint on the bicycle yesterday.I didn't think it had such a great impact.There was a couple who overtook me somewhere near Tijani. Sigh it seems like I am always the only solitary runner. Women always have their partners to run with. It's so difficult for me to find a person who can run at my pace - oh well that's what you get for being a wannabe athlete. Can't run but want to run! In any case, I'm always put in situations where I am always alone. So I guess it makes no difference whether I am running alone or living this life alone. I've always had to look out for myself, and it's the same for running.

As I reached the Jalan Duta highway, there was a stupid motorcyclist travelling on the pavement in opposite direction. I really hate that! Leave the pavement for pedestrians for crying out loud! Nearly lost my Power Gel trying to avoid this stupid motorist.

At the water station, I took a Double Latte Power Gel - it sure sustained me and also brought extra fuel to my tired thighs. I think my body is slow to react - I normally only start feeling better after having run 10km. Gosh it takes me forever to warm up!

I did the extra loop around that time my knees felt busted and I really really wanted to walk but it was really mind over matter...had to tell myself that I've not much time left to increase distance, what more missing last week's run.

Right after the run I went back and showered and went for a farewell breakfast. After that went off to at work now and I am so so tired, haven't put my feet up, and I have my parents' anniversary tonight.

God have mercy on me!:P

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Short & Fast

Did some speedwork least I felt so. Instead of doing 8km today, Hsiung and I decided to do 6km since we were both feeling tired. I guess it was a slow run for him today, but for me it was speedwork! Was practically racing throughout the 6km, felt in tip top condition although initially was tired. I guess I just needed to kickstart the morning.

And, hurrah, I think it will not be a solitary run for me this weekend, my running buddies may join me. At last. It's been EXTREMELY difficult to motivate myself, other than having new music on my MP3 player, and constantly brainwashing myself by reading Runner's World.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New shorts

Took a break from exercise for 4 days last week. I was so unbelievably tired over the weekend, I even missed my long distance run :(

Woke up feeling tired again...was tired after second round but managed to push myself. Need to be mentally stronger! I think I managed quite a strong run despite feeling tired, and I can tell from the sore thighs.Why is it that I am not improving despite weeks and weeks of running? Maybe I'm just getting old.(Completed 8km anyway today)

Over the weekend I managed to find a nice pair of Mizuno shorts. I usually like my shorts a little longer, about halfway on the thighs - I dont like it when the shorts are too short - therefore I cannot wear the running shorts because 1) exposes too much skin 2) it's easier to get chafing with short shorts.

Now I just need to find a nice top.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DId 8km again. Felt so so horrible! Body was not awake until almost finishing. Remind me never to eat Shak Kei ma at night again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back on track

Redeemed myself this morning! Did about 21km this morning...was kiasu after what happened last week, so I'd decided to consume a Power Bar before the run.Lo and behold, I felt very strong today, could run faster and didnt feel so awful.

Another thing which motivated me was I'd changed the list of songs in my I had more old rock to accompany me, stuff from Rolling Stones to Poison and to John Cougar Mellencamp. NOthing like good ol' rock! My first song was Mas Que Nada, by Sergio Mendez and Black eyed Pea, and it was a great song to perk up the morning!

I'd made sure I packed money in my belt the night before...but I was still having problems with my running of the bottles dropped out , and then I realised that the elastic band in one of the water bottle compartments had stretched and therefore was loose....I guess I will have to sew it up.

I was hoping to push a few more kilometres but decided that the little extra that I had done was enough.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blind & Fast

The Beijing Olympics have come and gone, but what many people don't realise is that the Paralympics is still on.

If anything, these athletes would serve to be a bigger inspiration.Henry Kirwa of Kenya has won the gold medal in the 5000m (category T13, ie blind)event with a time of 14 mins and 24.02 seconds...heck, I can't even complete 3km in that time! do they run without sight?

No Time

No, that I dont have time to do things....I broke my sports watch months ago but never bought a new one. Did 8.2km today, I felt much stronger than I did on Tuesday, but I'm not sure if my time was any better. Got a quick burst of energy at around 3rd km.

Bumped into the aunty with the tongkat...she told me I am now beautiful now that i have GAINED WEIGHT. I told her, "aunty, I actually lost weight la" to which she replied "but your face now so fair, so beautiful.." She's blind la...I've gone a shade darker from running under the sun.I have 3 theories about this aunty:

1. She is actually a preprogrammed surveillance robot who is programmed to say the same old things in response to seeing the particular person.

2. You know how women love to bitch about other women and rejoice in telling them they've gained weight? Well maybe this aunty is no exception.

3. She has cataract and her focus is dispersed, therefore everything she sees has a wider outline.

Just don't understand why Chinese people love to talk about other people's weight!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phat 2B Fit!

That's the title of my other blog. But it really is phat to be fit! Measured my resting heart rate first thing on Sunday morning, and it was 59bpm. Yesterday I decided to take my blood pressure as well, and it was at 108/65! I thought that was pretty low, after an 8km run and a cuppa coffee! I wonder if it has anything to do with eating oats daily?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Payback time.

Did 8km outdoor today. Had to payback massively for last Saturday...I was such a total weakling on Saturday, and I was disappointed in my mental weakness.

Last Saturday, I ran about 5km before realising that I hadn't brought any money for hydrating fluids!! I was listening to Click Five's "Empty" at that time, and I suddenly realised my pocket was empty too...Soon after I realised I had no money, my running belt became loose and I dropped one of the bottles. Luckily I heard it drop and went back to retrieve it. After I had adjusted my belt, I realised I had dropped my Power Gel too! It was such a disastrous run.I had wanted to make a U turn, but I thought, I might as well just try to complete it.

By the time I completed 9km I was almost dying and dehydrated. Unfortunately the water that I carried was not enough, I usually carry 2 200ml bottles and then replenish at the petrol station. I was desperate and wanted to stop at my friend's house but i decided against it since it was 8am.

As I was turning back from the petrol station, suddenly I saw my friend walking towards me!! It was as though I saw a mirage! By that time I was so tired out and lost momentum..she was carrying a water bottle but I was so low on fuel by then I just could not run another 10km back. Had I not bumped into her I would have walked the 10km back. Since I had lost steam, I joined my friend and her family to shoot a few hoops at the park. Then they had to send me back to Lake Gardens.

What a washout.

SO, I had to make up for it today. 8km is like 4 hills..was dying in the first 2 rounds but managed to pick up pace after the 3rd friends still have not signed up for the Singapore Marathon, but their actions more or less confirms that they will be running.

Now I have to psyche myself up for a mega hill run on Thursday...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Marathon = 42.195km

Woke up feeling terribly tired today. Ran on the treadmill on Tues and Wed. I realise many people have the wrong misconception of marathons. Most people think that doing a 10km is doing a marathon.ON Tues the big lady (well i cant call her the big lady anymore coz she's no longer big..) came up to me and asked if she could train for the marathon with me.So I asked her what is the maximum distance she's done so far, and she said 5km. She had wanted to follow me on Saturday runs but I told her I'm running 20km.

Although I felt tired today, I started really slowly, at the bottom of the hill and slowly picked up pace later. Finished the run feeling quite strong. Must the the rice I had yesterday ( I dont normally like to eat rice). Did 6.2km.

Sigh, with all the workout, my weight loss is minimal, and doesn't commensurate with the amount of effort I put in. Just measured my waist today and it isn't very encouraging.

Guess I'm the Chinese Serena Williams(with less taut butt).

Monday, September 01, 2008


Gym was only opened at 8am today so I swapped my outdoor running day. Compared to last Monday I felt a lot better today after the weekend 20km run. Did about 7.5km around my was a quiet morning. Didn't feel super energetic, neither did I feel super tired, so I just went at a slow pace.Quite a hot day again today.

Finished off feeling rather good. I think I need another pair of shoes to alternate with and save my Hurricane 9 for the race.