Saturday, April 17, 2010

2XU Trial

Tested out my 2XU compression pants today.I bought the short one as I am not usually used to wearing long ones as it's too hot to wear one.

Verdict? It's good. Cost me over RM200 but it's worth it. For one it didn't ride up my legs, secondly it absorbs and wicks sweat pretty well.

My only grouse is that it made me feel a tad like bak chang :P

Did a 12km run incorporating the double hill route.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Return of Thunder Thighs!

Ok it's been 6.5 months since I last blogged! Was without a laptop for about 6 months - survived mostly on office desktop and ocassionally,borrowing someone else's laptop! It's amazing I got by, which goes to show that I wasn't really addicted to the internet, it was a matter of self discipline and limiting my time on the net. Even after I finally got my laptop, I was rarely on, and even if I was online I would be checking emails or news mainly. I guess I found better things to do, like read instead of surfing the net for junk.

Anyway, thought I would have something to blog about...recently bought a running skirt from C-Cube and I tested it out this morning. I had wanted a running skirt for the longest time but was always worried that the thunder thighs would attract too much attention, but after a while I thought what the heck, I am such a wannabe runner, I'll just be a bit more thick skinned and pretend I am a super athlete and look cool in the skirt.

My verdict? I loved it! It did not flap while running, neither did it slide down. WHen I was buying it, I was told that you need a bit of a belly to hold the skirt up.Well guess what? I don't only have a belly but I also have a big a** to hold it up! Voila!

Also, I think the skirt is very flattering, especially for women with (what else) big a** and thunder thighs. So, sorry stick insects, this is 1 time we steatopygic women will look better than you haha!

As much as i love it, I think I will stick to tights for longer runs though, just to keep any possibilty of chafing at bay.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mizuno Wave Creation 9

I bought these Mizuno Wave Creation 9 shoes for RM204.90 only! Fantastic deal, original price was RM485. It's the older model, Wave Creation is now at no 10.It's my first Mizuno ever.

Took it out on a 6km run this morning...outer soles feel great - my only complaint is the cutting is narrow - feels a bit like Saucony Triumph. I should have bought half a size bigger. The first 2km was uncomfortable. I hope it will expand over time.

Saucony Hurricane is still my favourite.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Arnie arms

My Linda Hamilton / Michelle Obama arms are becoming more like Arnold Shwarzenegger shoulders. Yup, am bulking up.


Big shoulders, big thighs.

What a life.

Longer Life

oh this article below from BBC. People with larger thighs are supposed to live longer.


I'd rather have small thighs and die fast.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fast Track

Linda Hamilton arms mission going steady. Despite sleeping only 4 hours, I managed to wake up for gym this morning. No not that I have a new laptop but I was out with a friend til pretty late as we had not seen each other in a year and we had lots to catch up on.

Was on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes, after which I did:

2 sets x 20 push ups (i picked this up from Suzy Favor Hamilton's book Fast Track which I am currently reading - check out her arms on the cover!)
3 sets x 10 reps dumbell press
2 sets x 12 reps dumbell
3 sets x 10 reps tricep dip
2 sets x 12 reps barbell clean and press

After doing the pushups my arms were quite fatigue, so during the second set of my dumbell press (using 10kg weights each arm) i suddenly dropped my left 10kg weight on my chest! Thank God for extra adipose tissue to protect any damage! Good thing it did not drop on my ribcage. So for the 3rd set I reduced to 8kg each side.

WHile I was working out, there was another lady at the free weights section talking to me. She was groaning about how she gained 1kg. What she wore was super tight, revealing no love handles and a great figure, and there she was sighing looking at her non existent bulge on the mirror. I was rolling my eyes as usual. And then another aunty came along and told her "oh i like your arms" to which she replied "Thanks, that's all I've got".


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Central Park Routes

Another lonely night without the computer last night, so I was off to bed early.Woke up this morning to continue my pursuit of Michelle Obama arms. Ok maybe I don't want Michelle Obama arms....I want Linda-Hamilton-in-Terminator-arms.SO Wednesday is my usual interval and back day.

30 min walk/run on treadmill
30 min elliptical machine.

My arms feel like falling off after doing:
*Lat pulldowns
*Upright row on cable pulley
*Bent over dumbell row
*Bent over fly
*Lateral raises
*Bicep curl

Aside from my Linda Hamilton arms pursuit, I am also on the quest of a running route in Central are some routes I found on the internet. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the area so I don't really know what to expect.

Central Park, with 843 acres in the heart of Manhattan, is one of the world's most popular places to run. Whether you're a Central Park regular or you venture onto its roads and paths only occasionally, these guidelines will help you navigate safely and keep an accurate count of your training miles.

For tips on staying safe while running in Central Park, click here. Please be considerate of other park users by staying in the innermost recreation lane when running or walking.

Loop Courses

Full loop—6.0273 miles on roads
Start on East Drive at East 90th Street (point 1) and head north. Pass the 102nd Street Transverse on your left at approximately .75 miles (point 2), and Lasker Rink and Pool on your right at approximately 1 mile. Continue around the north end of the park to the 102nd Street Transverse on your left at approximately 2 miles (point 3). Continue south on West Drive, crossing the 72nd Street Transverse at approximately 3.75 miles (point 4) and Tavern on the Green on your right at approximately 4 miles. Continue around the south end of the park, heading north on East Drive and passing the 72nd Street Transverse on your left at approximately 5 miles (point 5). In the final mile you'll pass Loeb Boathouse on your left and the Metropolitan Museum of Art on your right before returning to your starting point.

Lower five-mile loop—5.1432 miles on roadsFollow the full loop course, but turn left/west onto the 102nd Street Transverse (point 2), then left/south onto West Drive (point 3). This transverse is closed to vehicular traffic, but be aware of bicyclists and in-line skaters.

Upper five-mile loop—4.9280 miles on roads
Follow the full loop course, but turn left onto the 72nd Street Transverse (point 4), then left onto East Drive (point 5). This transverse is open to vehicular traffic at designated times.

Four-mile loop—4.0439 miles on roadsFollow the full loop course, but turn left onto the 102nd Street and 72nd Street Transverses.

Three-mile loop—approximately 3 miles on roads
Start on East Drive at East 90th Street (point 1) and head north. Pass the 102nd Street Transverse on your left at approximately .75 miles (point 2), and Lasker Rink and Pool on your right at approximately 1 mile. Continue around the north end of the park and turn left/east onto the 102nd Street Transverse at approximately 2 miles (point 3), then right/south on East Drive (point 2) to return to your starting point.

Lower loop—1.7153 miles on roads
Start on East Drive at the 72nd Street Transverse (point 5) and head west across the transverse. Turn left/south on West Drive (point 4), passing Tavern on the Green on your right. Continue around the south end of the park to your starting point.

Reservoir loop—1.57 miles on cinder pathway
The pathway around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, just over 1.5 miles, is marked at 100-yard and half-mile intervals beginning at 90th Street and East Drive. The pathway is well maintained and offers sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. Stay to the right and run counterclockwise.

Bridle path loop—1.66 miles on dirtA bridle path encircles the reservoir just below the cinder path, making for a slightly longer loop on soft surfaces. Horses have the right-of-way on the bridle paths. If you cannot move out of the way of approaching horses, slow down or stop until they are well past you.

Full bridle path loop—approximately 2.5 miles on dirtStart on the bridle path at East 90th Street and head north. At approximately East 96th Street make a hard right down a short gravel hill. Bear left and continue north, following the trail as it loops around the North Meadow ball fields (they'll be on your left), passes alongside the 102nd Street Transverse, and continues alongside West Drive. Rejoin the reservoir bridle path loop at approximately West 93rd Street, continuing around the south end of the reservoir to your starting point

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Semi Amish Lifestyle

It's been a week over since my laptop died. So far, and surprisingly it has been quite alright. Although a sweet sister lent me her laptop, I don't use it everynight as I used to with my own laptop.I'm quite used to it really, I just get online at work, and I spend my nights reading the Bible (sounds really Amish right?)and sleeping early. Which is the biggest plus point - sleeping early. I find that I am getting enough sleep these days and I've also been boosting my immunity by taking Vit B, C and echinacea. Although there are some days I am really tired like last Saturday, I find that I recover much faster with sufficient sleep and the supplements.

As such, I had such a fantastic run this morning. Only 6km but it was fast and energetic (okla nothing like Usain Bolt but it felt fast to least i didn't feel tired)Some mornings I wake up tired but once I start running I am ok. This morning I woke up feeling energetic, and I felt I could keep my pace throughout the run and not slow down on the last round.

I've also been eating more lately (hence weight hasn't changed) but I do feel a bit more streamlined and compact.Also stronger. Oh I just hope it is muscle!!