Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Semi Amish Lifestyle

It's been a week over since my laptop died. So far, and surprisingly it has been quite alright. Although a sweet sister lent me her laptop, I don't use it everynight as I used to with my own laptop.I'm quite used to it really, I just get online at work, and I spend my nights reading the Bible (sounds really Amish right?)and sleeping early. Which is the biggest plus point - sleeping early. I find that I am getting enough sleep these days and I've also been boosting my immunity by taking Vit B, C and echinacea. Although there are some days I am really tired like last Saturday, I find that I recover much faster with sufficient sleep and the supplements.

As such, I had such a fantastic run this morning. Only 6km but it was fast and energetic (okla nothing like Usain Bolt but it felt fast to me..at least i didn't feel tired)Some mornings I wake up tired but once I start running I am ok. This morning I woke up feeling energetic, and I felt I could keep my pace throughout the run and not slow down on the last round.

I've also been eating more lately (hence weight hasn't changed) but I do feel a bit more streamlined and compact.Also stronger. Oh I just hope it is muscle!!

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