Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Return of Thunder Thighs!

Ok it's been 6.5 months since I last blogged! Was without a laptop for about 6 months - survived mostly on office desktop and ocassionally,borrowing someone else's laptop! It's amazing I got by, which goes to show that I wasn't really addicted to the internet, it was a matter of self discipline and limiting my time on the net. Even after I finally got my laptop, I was rarely on, and even if I was online I would be checking emails or news mainly. I guess I found better things to do, like read instead of surfing the net for junk.

Anyway, thought I would have something to blog about...recently bought a running skirt from C-Cube and I tested it out this morning. I had wanted a running skirt for the longest time but was always worried that the thunder thighs would attract too much attention, but after a while I thought what the heck, I am such a wannabe runner, I'll just be a bit more thick skinned and pretend I am a super athlete and look cool in the skirt.

My verdict? I loved it! It did not flap while running, neither did it slide down. WHen I was buying it, I was told that you need a bit of a belly to hold the skirt up.Well guess what? I don't only have a belly but I also have a big a** to hold it up! Voila!

Also, I think the skirt is very flattering, especially for women with (what else) big a** and thunder thighs. So, sorry stick insects, this is 1 time we steatopygic women will look better than you haha!

As much as i love it, I think I will stick to tights for longer runs though, just to keep any possibilty of chafing at bay.

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